Online Dating As a Business Service: Can It Work? Is It Acceptable?

Lonely souls have been using the internet as a way to find love for years. With the creation of sites like and, online dating has become very popular. Users take online personality tests and are matched with other users with similar results. By doing this, cyber dating sites have been successful in matching pairs and connecting people all across the globe, for a price. You would think that finding love should be free, but, the creator of these sites seem to beg to differ. How do you like the concept of Cyber dating as a business service? Is it right to charge people money to help them find the love of their life or potential soul mate? Let's explore this issue.

Online dating as a business service is nothing new but can it be seen as taking advantage of lonely people by charging them money to do something that most believe should happen naturally? That depends on who you are asking. There are some dating experts that specialize in helping match people up with another compatible person. You can find experts like these on television shows like "The Millionaire Matchmaker" in which a female dating expert helps wealthy men find a beautiful woman. Looking at cyber dating as a commercial service, you can just about see the similarities. Taking the personality tests is like talking to a dating expert. The more honest you are the more likely you are to meet your perfect match. It can't be taking advantage of people if they are seeking help finding someone they can connect with.

Trusting an online dating business service to help find a mate is very typical today. You can even find a cyber dating professional service dedicated to certain nationalities, sexualities, and fetishes. Don't be surprised at how many happy couples started out online as chat buddies, but, that doesn't mean that there aren't any cons to using a cyber dating professional service. Safety is a major issue when it comes to online dating.

You can't always expect people you talk to online to be who they portray themselves to be. As scary as the thought of it may be, certain sick people will use an online dating business service to prey on weak people. You can be subject to scams, fraud, and dangerous activity. People are encouraged to always meet up with someone in a public place. Not everyone is who they appear to be in their photos. Fact of the matter is, if someone catches you alone and aren't who they say they are, the possibilities of something terrible happening go up. Even though a lot of cyber dating business services have a verification process, you have to take the proper precautions to keep yourself safe.

Using an online dating business service can be helpful to those having a hard time making friends and finding a lover. By taking the proper precautions, doing research, and having a little patience, an online dating business service can make it much easier for you to get to know people all across the world. Remember, you can't believe everyone to be who they portray to be. Watch out for scams and frauds and never send money to someone you have never met before.