Dealing With Online Business Service Frauds

Many people have gone through it. Pesky emails offering you a job at an online business service, promising obscene amounts of money a month for receiving and shipping packages at your home, or buying programs to make money. There have also been business service scams offering people money to do stay at home telemarketing, a job that many people in the marketing field legitimately do. How can you tell the difference between scams and the real thing? Can you make money at home doing business service? What can you do if you give your information to a scam? These questions and more can be solved with a simple answer. The BBB.
- What is the BBB? How Can You Tell the Difference Between a Scam and The Real Deal?
The Better Business Bureau holds information on most businesses on and offline. Many business service scams place a BBB A+ rating sticker on their websites to make buyers more comfortable. If a BBB sticker is seen on a site, most would think that the business is trustworthy. This is sadly incorrect. Any scam or fraud site can place this sticker on their page and seem legit. The only real way to tell if the business is legit or not is to do your research and search the BBB for information on the business. Also, looking for information posted by real people who have worked with certain businesses and their experiences can be helpful as well.
- Can You Make Money at Home Doing Business Service?
There are many work from home business service opportunities posted on the internet. In order to find the real ones, you have to do your research and know what you are looking for. Most jobs you won't have to pay for in order to start working. That's something that you should remember when searching for employment. A good way to make money from home is by doing data entry or freelance writing. There are a many sites where employers post jobs and allow multiple people to apply for them at once. If selected to complete a certain job, you will be paid for your work.
- What Do I Do If I Give a Scam My Information?
If you have been subject to a scam or feel like you are being scammed, first contact the company, person, or business service you feel is a scam and request that your information be discarded, that you receive a refund, and/or let them know you feel that their business is flaky and you will be reporting them to the BBB at your earliest convenience. After you have attempted contact, you do not have to wait for a response before you report them to the BBB. Visit the BBB website and file a report giving them all the information about your interaction with the said company, person, or business service and allow them to review your information. Many people use the BBB website daily so expect to have to wait a little bit for a response.
Sadly, in instances such as these, where people are falling susceptible to scams, very little tends to be done to help scam victims. By reporting any suspicious business service or company, you are able to save perhaps thousands of people from being taken advantage of. If you have been a victim of scams and frauds, do your part to make reviews, posts, and blogs about your experience and the business to prevent others from falling into the same trap.