Should You Be Using Facebook to Promote Your Business? Most Definitely and Here's How

Should your business be using next generation business marketing strategies like Twitter, YouTube and Facebook to promote your business? Creating a successful and meaningful marketing strategy for your business can often times seem tricky, but using free sources such as the social networking sites and tools I mentioned above can help you reach the amount of people you need to succeed. The catch is to get the word out in a casual manner rather than pushing your business or product upon them with questions and education, which you can do through using Facebook to promote your business

Focus on quality, not quantity:

As you begin to use Facebook to promote your business you will initially be concerned with how many friends and fans you can add to your site. But this is not always the best strategy. It will be important to focus on kindling those new friendships and working on building and solidifying relationships, because that's the key element in using these next generation business marketing strategies. BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS

Relationship first, business second:

It will be important to work on rapport with the friends and fans that you add to your Facebook page. If you are unsure how to add friends simply ask. Ask for email addresses when you meet new clients, add it to the contact portion of any membership or paperwork new clients need to fill out. Work on the rapport with the new clients and friends; remember special occasions, treat them as they are your only member/client.

Follow Through:

Roughly 9 out of 10 people will say they are going to do something, and then for whatever reasons do not follow through with what they said they will do. It is important as a role model and spokesperson for your business to be 100% sure that you do follow through with what you say you are going to do. Use Facebook to follow through with anything you say you will do, if you did work for someone thank them with a comment on their page, offer a free service or discount then follow through with that. This is a great way to use Facebook to promote your business.

Be authentic:

Sometimes it can seem difficult to know whether someone is strictly luring you in through a sales pitch, or if you are truly concerned with a potential client. Use Facebook to promote your business to show that you do care about what it is you offer; use the status page as a window for "tips or suggestions."

Be interested in others more than in yourself:

Pay attention to what your employees and Facebook friends are saying on their pages, if you see someone is having a rough day, offer a few words of wisdom. Go through and make comments, check on clients offer discounts and specials for that "one" client every now and then. Show people you care about your business not the money you make, this can all be done while using Facebook to promote your business. Focus on building relationships and the money will follow.